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Re: change in behavior of make from 3.80 to 3.81

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 03:40:12PM -0500, mwoehlke wrote:
Just to jump over to the other side here for a second...  I assume you
don't intend to ever make it /impossible/ to run DOS tools on Cygwin?
That IMO *would* be unacceptable and unrealistic.  But, of course,
that's what interface tools - like cygpath - are for.  IOW, the ability
to offer a "pure POSIX" environment is good, as long as it does not
preclude any communication whatsoever (no matter how clunky) with

No, we will always have some way of running and communicating with MS-DOS filenames.

One thing I just added to cygwin recently is a warning which shows up
the first time you use a MS-DOS path, though.  I am expecting that to be
very popular!

Yup! But hey, *I'll* never see it... :-)

I think I've made my position on the 'make' decision known; I have absolutely no problems with it, and I support it. Just as long as I can still pipe between DOS and Cygwin applications(*), share file systems, and have something like 'cygpath', Cygwin can (and should) be as POSIX-like as it wants. :-)

Pipes between MS-DOS programs and Cygwin programs is actually one of the things that is a little tricky but it is not slated to go away.

Right... I was pretty sure no one was out to *actually* remove anything like this, but I'm just paranoid enough to make sure. :-) Thanks.

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