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RE: CGF gripes; was -> Re: Why are Windows paths broken in make 3.81?

Ah, yeah, the Cygwin community would never forgive me if I didn't chime in

> From: Larry Hall (Cygwin)
> Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 1:00 PM
> Subject: CGF gripes; was -> Re: Why are Windows paths broken 
> in make 3.81?
> Mark Fisher wrote:
> > On 7/24/06, Joachim Achtzehnter <joachima AT netacquire DOT com> wrote:

AHEM.  That's one.

> >> This sarcastic response to one sentence out of a much longer post 
> >> quoted in isolation suggests that a clarification is in order.
> > 
> > here here! i'd like to add that i'm getting fed up of reading 
> > sarcastic comments from cgf since i rejoined the mailing list.
> > 
> > this particular gem:
> > 
> >>> I assumed the compiled program would work in a bash shell but it 
> >>> only works in a dos shell-its too late to worry about why 
> that is. I 
> >>> miss unix.
> >>
> >> Yeah, things work a lot better in a dos shell on unix.
> > ( )
> > 
> > the sole comment to an entire post sums up for me a very arrogant 
> > attitude towards people with less knowledge who need help.
> > 
> > this forum (i hope) was never meant as a personal sarcasm 
> area and to 
> > read it it's very annoying.
> > 
> > if you don't have something constructive to say, lay off 
> laying into 
> > people.
> For your own peace of mind while reading the list, put a :-) or
> ;-) after everything you read from cgf and it becomes hilarious.
> As it turns out, that's sometimes even the intent. ;-)
> Since a continuation of the thread in this new direction is 
> really off-topic for this list, I'd suggest if you have a 
> follow-up that you'd like to make or if there are others that 
> would like to, it's
> best to <>.   I've reset 
> the "Reply-To"
> to facilitate the move.

Dude, you left the "cygwin at" in the Reply-To.  That's two.  And you other
two up there, Mark and Joachim, oh man, you guys, you are done for.

But Mark, just to answer your question about the "personal sarcasm area":
Original intentions, original int-schmen-tions.  You run *your* little
fiefdoms the way *you* want, and you let Chris run his the way he wants,

Well... actually Red Hat's I guess... but still.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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