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Re: Winge about Windows no: XLS143556BJ

On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 09:43:43AM +0000, zzapper wrote:

> I know it's a waste of electrons to grumble about Windows.  But I'm
> using an otherwise nice Windows Application Irfanview to manage some
> photos, except it seems to use that default Windows behaviour "I won't
> remember the last folder you were using" so you have to keep walkng to
> the correct directory.

Despite its widespread use, Irfranview, IMHO, is the digital image
equivalent of Wordpad.  Things on a Mac are much better all round, but
on a Windows system, ACDSee is still the fastest viewer/browser (even
the really old versions work great).

Regrettably, on Linux systems, the choices are extensive but from what
I've seen, most are somewhere between slow and stupid.  Resorting to
writing PHP and viewing images in a browser window, I guess, works for

> But while I'm at it is there any cygwin CLI application which will
> resize a JPG?
Imagemagick is what you're looking for.

	convert foo.jpg -resize 96x96 bar.jpg

Arbitrarily selected self-help link:


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