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RE: Permissions problem - odd setup

On 23 February 2006 04:55, George wrote:
> So, you see, using a non-standard delimiter can be problematic
> irrespective of the existence of an explicit RFC.  Whether this affects
> email users to the same extent as certain forms of wildlife, I'll leave
> as an exercise to any hippo reading this.

  I believe hippos are quite happy with the notion of a "de facto standard" :)

> In a perfect world, email would be take the form of written
> correspondence, be text only, line lengths would be 74 characters or
> less, and appropriate text would be quoted.

  In a _perfect_ world, email would all be worth reading, and the depth and
beauty of the content would shine forth so brilliantly as to render the form
unimportant, shallow and insubstantial.

  Alas this is an imperfect world, hence the medium is the message, hence
email brings us usenet, flame wars and spam.[*]

>  Given that's not the case,
> it would go a long way to have extraneous noise such as name and contact
> information, pithy comments, disclaimers, ascii renderings, unsubscribe
> and advertising footers, but no hippos 

  Actually, in a /really/ *really* _perfect_ perfect world, this story would
be true:-

> (they couldn't possibly fit)
> relegated to a 4-line signature.  Think of it as an environmental issue.

  This email was written on recycled electrons!


[*] - Some of these may not be all bad things, but assignment of subjective
moral values is left as an exercise for the consciousness of the presumed
[**} - Assignment of /ob/jective moral values is left as an exercise for
consciousness of the presumed second-order god coefficient.
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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