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Re: something a little more serious

On Feb  2 22:21, Eric Blake wrote:
> My father passed away today, after a 3-month battle with cancer.  It leaves 
> my mother alone to support my youngest two sisters still in high school. 
> The last time I saw my Dad, back on Nov 1, he seemed perfectly healthy, so 
> the disease came on very quickly.  It's funny how life can take unexpected 
> turns.  I know my dad would have wanted me to continue on with my own life, 
> so while I may take a break for a few days to be with family during my time 
> of loss, I still plan on contributing to cygwin.

My sincere condolences.  I know how you feel.  My father passed away
five years ago after just three months of very rapid development of lung
cancer.  But he lives in my memories and so will your father in yours.

> On a happier note, it is only four more weeks to the due date of my wife's 
> second daughter.  Once she comes into the world, I will certainly have to 
> post a link to a picture or two.  Again, this list seems like the 
> appropriate place for this type of personal announcement, seeing how Molly 
> Franklin once got a gold star for her contribution of a future cygwinner: 
>  My wife Tanya is wonderful for putting up 
> with all the time I spend on this project.

So it would be only consequentially if you name your daughter after this
project.  Cygwina.


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