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Re: something a little more serious

On Thu, 02 Feb 2006 22:21:24 -0700,  wrote:

>I don't know how this email will turn out, but I guess I am writing it in 
>hopes that it will be therapuetic to me.  I suppose that this list, being a 
>chat list on anything tangentially related to cygwin, was someplace where I 
>felt comfortable enough typing it.
>My father passed away today, after a 3-month battle with cancer.  It leaves 
>my mother alone to support my youngest two sisters still in high school. 
>The last time I saw my Dad, back on Nov 1, he seemed perfectly healthy, so 
>the disease came on very quickly.  It's funny how life can take unexpected 
>turns.  I know my dad would have wanted me to continue on with my own life, 
>so while I may take a break for a few days to be with family during my time 
>of loss, I still plan on contributing to cygwin.
My Commiserations. Cancer is particularly cruel in also taking people who are otherwise quite
healthy.  In the case of my Dad it was pancreatic cancer, which is one they still can't do anything
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