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Re: FW: wince cygwin

On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 02:07:52AM +0000, Eric Blake wrote:
>> please remove
>You need to understand something.  You can remove yourself from this
>list.  It is not the job of the list administrator to do something that you can
>do for yourself (besides, if you haven't already guessed, this list is
>more than likely run by a hippo, rather than a person).  People on this
>list tend to take that attitude because it is you that subscribed, so you
>should be the one that unsubscribes, rather than wasting the administrator's
>time (he is already busy enough with lots of other tasks).
>The directions have been given to you already, but here they are again.

Somehow I get the feeling that jetplane7 isn't really reading email that
comes into his mailbox.  He's just noticing that he's still getting more
and then sending a request for it to stop.

On the off chance that he may actually be reading the list (and assuming
that his computer's microphone is broken) let me add to/repeat what Eric
and others have said.  Check out
for information on unsubscribing.

If you managed to subscribe you should be able to unsubscribe, too.  Think
of it as a mind-expanding experience.  You'll be a better person for having
figured out how to do this.  You can even brag to all of your friends that
you are a mailing list geru.


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