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Re: FW: wince cygwin

> please remove

You need to understand something.  You can remove yourself from this
list.  It is not the job of the list administrator to do something that you can
do for yourself (besides, if you haven't already guessed, this list is
more than likely run by a hippo, rather than a person).  People on this
list tend to take that attitude because it is you that subscribed, so you
should be the one that unsubscribes, rather than wasting the administrator's
time (he is already busy enough with lots of other tasks).

The directions have been given to you already, but here they are again. has an unsubscribe form at the bottom.

EVERY email from a mailing list has a List-unsubscribe:
header (and if you view the full source of this message, I bet it will
say something like:
List-Unsubscribe: <>)

And if that isn't enough information, you should look at the FAQ:
(Yes, and are the same machine,
so you can use either domain name after the @ sign).

This may be a list devoted to all sorts of off-topic conversations,
but whining about unsubscribing yourself, even after we have given
you hints on what YOU (yes you) need to do, is stretching the
limits, and setting yourself up for the administrator to leave you
subscribed to this list out of spite, until you choose to follow the
directions you have been given.


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