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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [experimental]: findutils-4.3.0-1

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, Eric Blake wrote:

> According to Igor Peshansky on 1/18/2006 8:19 AM:
> >
> > Umm, yeah.  Looks like either the manpage needs to be updated (or my
> > ingrained Unix reflex to go to the manpage instead of the info file is
> > badly out of date).  If only we had a better info reader...
> excerpts from 'man find' on 4.3.0-1

$ man -W find | xargs cygcheck -f


> (ouch - how do you make man reformat a listing to 70 columns, so that I
> can then paste it into my email without ugly wrapping? I tried
> COLUMNS=70 man find, but to no avail):

I used to be able to do this, but spent about 5 minutes trying to recall
how, and failed.  I know there is a way, though.  OTOH, you could simply
resize your rxvt or xterm window...  But I don't think it works for all
sizes anyway...

> [snip]
> > Right.  I didn't mean "fully reuse the parsing code" -- more like factor
> > out the parsing of the parts I mentioned, and use it from both -access and
> > -perm...  But he's the maintainer, so it's his call anyway.  I'll post
> > something (hopefully a patch) to that bug report a bit later, I guess.
> Well, the parsing code comes from gnulib (it is also used by chmod, for
> example), and was not really designed to be split out.

I see.  Well, there goes that idea.

> > Well, technically, hippos don't fall -- they get dropped...
> > Who-o-o-osh...  *SPLAT*!
> Or jump...

That's one mighty depressed hippo.  This is the second time someone
proposed that hippos jump...  I can just imagine a hippo mother scolding
her child: "...And if everyone went and jumped off the bridge, would you
do that too?"
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