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Re: cygwin service not starting

"R Morris (sent by" wrote:

> >  Although to give them their due, they responded adequately to the problem on
> >the gcc list by editing their group description to make it clear that it was
> >an ultra-technical list and not for use by nueless clewbies.
> Thank you. We can also disable local posting if you prefer. Then only subscribed
> members can post to the list. Just let me know if that's what you want.

I hardly see how cygwin-talk needs to be gatewayed onto another
interface.  It's not meant for Cygwin support of any kind, just random
chitchat and continuation of threads that have veered completely
off-topic on the main list.

Therefore almost anyone who is not already familiar with the Cygwin
lists who posts to the -talk list is almost certainly guaranteed to be
posting in the wrong place -- and they will be received with taunting
and nonsense of hippos and LSD and such, as in this case.

I think your users would benefit more from not even having it presented
as a possible place to get support.


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