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RE: cygwin service not starting

mshrak (sent by wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I`ve trying to install  cygwin on my Desktop Pc andii follewed every step
> to install it right. Still i can`t get the service to work.

  You may have forgotten to mention which service.

> When i type   $USERNAME@ i always get a connection to port 22
> refuse. 

  Well, I reckon you should contact the hostmaster for and take it
up with them.  You can always use 'whois' to find out the domain owner.  If
they won't sort out the problem, take it up with their ISP and try and get
them disconnected.

> But after double klicking the icon i get the black screen with in green
> lettters; xxxxx@xxxx ~
> Can somebody help me what im doing wrong here please.

  Well, the main problem seems to be that your username is 'xxxxx' and your
machine's hostname is 'xxxx' and your x key is probably wearing out.

> I need the stuff working to conect with Putty from my work to get Eve
> running. 

  I find that inviting her up for a 'cup of coffee' generally gets her
running.... hth!

> Thanks already hopefully somebody can help me out here.

  'Here' may not be quite the best place to get help....

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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