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Re: cygwin service not starting

On a windy and rainy Wednesday, the 18th day of January, in the year 2006, mshrak's computer deigned to emit the following stream of bytes (which was then transmitted through

> Hi guys,

And gals!  Don't forget the gals!

> I`ve trying to install cygwin on my Desktop Pc andii follewed every step
> to install it right.

Ah, but how many times did you reinstall it?  You need to reinstall at
least ten times for things to work properly; twenty if you want cron or

> Still i can`t get the service to work.
> When i type $USERNAME@ i always get a connection to port 22
> refuse.

Ooh, the service!  The service doesn't just work for anyone.  The service
is only for the president.  That's why it's secretly called "the secret

> But after double klicking the icon i get the black screen with in green
> lettters; xxxxx@xxxx
> ~

Don't worry -- that's the Cygwin screensaver.  Just leave it on your
screen for a while, and close the window when you get tired of it.

> Can somebody help me what im doing wrong here please.

For one, you are posting to the wrong list.  You are not likely to get
anything but hippos and reinstall suggestions from this list.  Any other
suggestions you get should be taken with a bag of salt (a grain just will
not cut it).

> I need the stuff working to conect with Putty from my work to get Eve
> running.

Ah, there's a gal if I know one.  I'd say the words "shoe shopping" will
serve much better to get Eve running (towards a shoe store, that is)...
Get her some expensive shoes, and she'll be putty in your hands.

> Thanks already hopefully somebody can help me out here.

Out here?  There's nobody out here.  Just wilderness and hippos...
Try the main Cygwin list.


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