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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [experimental]: findutils-4.3.0-1

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According to Igor Peshansky on 1/18/2006 7:17 AM:
> I fully expect a couple of hippos in this thread as well, but
> nonetheless...

What's that noise behind me?  And why are there footprints in my butter?

>>** Functional Changes
>>New tests, -readable, -writable, -executable.  These check that a file
>>can be read, written or executed respectively.
> Can someone explain to me how these are different from "-perm -0400",
> "-perm -0200", and "-perm -0100" respectively?  Do they use access()?

Yes.  Due to ACLs, it is possible for -readable to return true (it uses
access()) and -perm /0444 to return false (it uses stat()).  Also, note
that -perm /0444 is different than -perm -0444 (/0444 is any of the three
read bits set, regardless of all other bits, where -0444 is all three read
bits set.  Thus, a file can be readable, have no ACLs, and pass -perm
/0444 while failing -perm -0444).

By the way, James added these new options at my request, although he chose
a different name for the predicate than my original proposal:

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