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Intel mac, and how this might relate to cygwin

I'm posting this on talk rather than on the on the main Cygwin list, as it only marginally has to do with Cygwin,
and dispite still a serious message.
As it is now there is WINE for running windows apps on GNU/Linux.
WINE will be ported to the new Intel-based OSX.

So Windows can run Windows apps and Gnu/Linux apps (Recompiled under cygwin).
GNU/Linux can run GNU/Linux apps, and windows apps (via WINE).

Intel OSX will be able to run (Intel OSX apps) [and not relevent: PPC OSX apps],
Linux apps by recompiling (with some limited porting) and Windows Apps via WINE.

So all that is needed to complete this is a WINE like app that allows Intel OSX apps to run
under GNU/Linux, or such an app but that runs under Windows.

If it runs under GNU/Linux, then cygwin will allow it to run under Windows.
If it runs under Windows then it will probably run under GNU/Linux via WINE.

Now the question is: Are there any OSX apps that would be worth running indirectly like this?
What about double indirectly (OSX on Windows via cygwin using a GNU/linux based prog,
or OSX on GNU/Linux via WINE using a windows based prog)?

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