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Re: Why no static GLIB/GLIB2 libraries?

"Dave Korn" <> wrote in message SERRANOoygXLsxpTljB0000021c@SERRANO.CAM.ARTIMI.COM">news:SERRANOoygXLsxpTljB0000021c@SERRANO.CAM.ARTIMI.COM...
Joe Smith wrote:
Gerrit said:
Actually Gerrit is a male and
Yeah, I had always suspected such :D

Corinna is a female name,
Again I suspected this.
However, oddly, you identified your own gender, but for Corinna, you
merely noted that by custom,
that name is assigned to females. You did not state the fairly obvious,
but never-the-less important fact
that this Corinna is indeed female.

No, you've misread how this slightly complicated english language construction is meant to be read:

No I did not. I am a native English speaker. The problem is that that sentence is ambigious, and does parse either way. Since the sentence is not absurd when parsed without implicit repetition (when parsed as I did for pointing out the problem), then the use of an abigious structure causes a major problem. So do not construct futher sentences in that fashion unless it is evident that the simplier parsing is almost certainly incorrect as the resulting meaning would be rediculous.

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