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RE: Why no static GLIB/GLIB2 libraries?

Joe Smith wrote:
> Gerrit said:
>> Actually Gerrit is a male and
> Yeah, I had always suspected such :D
>> Corinna is a female name,
> Again I suspected this.
> However, oddly, you identified your own gender, but for Corinna, you
> merely noted that by custom,
> that name is assigned to females. You did not state the fairly obvious,
> but never-the-less important fact
> that this Corinna is indeed female.

  No, you've misread how this slightly complicated english language
construction is meant to be read:

>> Actually Gerrit is a male and Corinna is a female name,

that is to say (use monospaced font to read this:)

           /  Gerrit is a male    \
  Actually<        (and)           >name.
           \  Corinna is a female /

Or IOW, it should be read as "Actually Gerrit is a male name and Corinna is a
female name", but we elide the repetition of "name".  Think of it like
associativity in maths:  (a + b) x c == (a x c) + (b x c).  It could also be

>> Actually Gerrit is a male and Corinna a female name,

which might be the slightly more common way to do it.

>> however Gerrit is also a female name in Germany.
> Hmm... That is odd. It does not sound at all like a female name to me.

  Which only goes to show that you aren't German!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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