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Re: [PATCH] Cygwin: Provide more COM devices

On Oct 21 20:10, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > That's not the right way to patch this. gets generated from
> > by the gendevices script which in turn calls shilka from the
> > cocom package.
> Now that you mention it I remember…  :-(
> > Apart from the struct members you added here, it will
> > also add some code.  Which, unfortunately, raise the size of,
> > especially troubling the 32 bit version.
> So how about we only do this on 64bit as an added bonus for folks who
> "get it"?

I'm not hot on doing that, and I'm not sure shilka likes ifdef's
inside the %% block.

> One particular machine I've recently worked on presented me
> with COM144 to connect to, but I consider this to be an anomaly.  But
> COM port numbers in the 70…80 range are pretty common on some of the
> more heavily used development machines.

I just checked and changing ttyS%(0-63) to ttyS%(0-127) raises
the size of .text and .rdata by 6.5K and the size of the final DLL
by 7.6K.  That should be ok.  Just provide the patch so there's your
name on it.

ttyS%(0-255) takes another 23K btw.  Even that should be ok, if
the need arises.  Alternatively we could shortcut shilka as for
/dev/sd*, but that involved much bigger numbers.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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