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Re: [PATCH] Cygwin: pty: Disable clear screen for ssh sessions with -t option.

On Mon, 21 Oct 2019 11:43:56 +0200
Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> So it seems cmd.exe is the only (or one of few) native CLI tools
> actually trying to manipulate the screen buffer.  And what it does is
> not so much clearing the screen, but to align buffer line 1 with the top
> of the screen, even if line 1 has been produced before cmd.exe started.

Powershell also redraws the screen.
netsh is even worse. The cursor position will be broken by the follwing

1) env TERM=dumb script
2) netsh
3) winhttp show proxy

> Other than that, my very personal opinion here is, not clearing the
> screen is more desired than the terminal type and application name (or
> SID) hacks just to pamper cmd.exe.  Others may disagree, so I'm open to
> discussion.

Even with Microsoft-provided OpenSSH server, the screen is cleared
upon login. Therefore, clearing screen is not so strange, I suppose.

Takashi Yano <>

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