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Re: [rebase PATCH] Introduce --no-rebase flag

On 4/13/19 9:38 AM, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Michael Haubenwallner writes:
>> The --no-rebase flag is to update the database for new files, without
>> performing a rebase.  The file names provided should have been rebased
>> using the --oblivious flag just before.
> That name is somewhat strange, how about "--enlist"?

>From my point of view, rebase does perform multiple steps,
each being enabled by default, but each to become optional:

1) Perform the "rebase", with flag for disabling to be defined.
2) "Record" (or "enlist") to database, with --oblivious flag for disabling.

While it is fine to have both enabled by default, disabling one step by
explicitly enabling the (already enabled) other step feels confusing...

So, consequently, what about renaming --oblivious to --no-record (or --no-enlist),
to end up with the "rebase" and the "record" (or "enlist") steps both being
disabled by the according --no-<step> flag?


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