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Re: [PATCH RFC] fork: reduce chances for "address space is already occupied" errors

Michael Haubenwallner writes:
> Well... once installed, a dll may get in use quickly, because I can not require
> to shut down all Cygwin processes.  So I need to rebase and register the dll in
> some staging directory before it is installed into it's final directory, hence
>  I'm about to add some new '--destdir' option.

I don't quite understand yet what you're trying to do and why, but
"--destdir" doesn't have the right ring to it for my ears.  If I'm not
mistaken you want to strip the staging prefix from the database entry,
which incidentally would be where a

make DESTDIR=/staging install

would have placed the files?

> When I install rebase right within Gentoo Prefix, the rebase db is stored there
> as well, to not cope with host Cygwin's rebase db.  Other than cygwin1.dll, no
> dll should be used by Gentoo Prefix binaries anyway (except during bootstrap).

Since cygwin1.dll is always at a fixed address anyway, then you don't
need to do anything extra, I think.

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