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Re: [PATCH] forkables: hardlink without WRITE_ATTRIBUTES first

On Mar 10 11:32, Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
> When the current process has renamed (to bin) a readonly dll, we get
> STATUS_TRANSACTION_NOT_ACTIVE for unknown reason when subsequently
> creating the forkable hardlink. A workaround is to open the original
> file with FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES access, but that fails with permission
> denied for users not owning the original file.
> * (dll::create_forkable): Retry hardlink creation using the
> original file's handle opened with FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES access when the
> first attempt fails with STATUS_TRANSACTION_NOT_ACTIVE.

Patch applied to topic/forkables (which I rebased so pull -f).

I'm planning to make a 2.8.0 release and then pull over the forkables
stuff to master for the next release.  Maybe we should bump the DLL
version to 3.0 then.  It's a pretty big functionality extension...


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