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Re: (fixup) [PATCH] forkables: use dynloaded dll's IndexNumber as dirname

Hi Michael,

On Mar  1 20:18, Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
> Hi Corinna,
> On 02/23/2017 03:03 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Hi Michael,
> > 
> > I'm inclined to promote the "forkables" code to master.  I just have a
> > few points before we do that:
> > 
> > - Revert bumping of CYGWIN_VERSION_SHARED_DATA.  We only have to do that
> >   if the shared region changes in an incompatible way.  But this is just
> >   adding a member to the end.
> Ok.
> As long as properly aligned, even int-access should be atomic:
> Is it ok to add the new member as 'char' rather than 'int'?

What about using a LONG?  It allows atomic access and is the right type,
should we find that we have to use Interlocked access at one point.

> > - I'm looking a bit cross-eyed on the usage of forkables_needs and
> >   cygwin_shared->prefer_forkable_hardlinks.  It seems to me as if the
> >   split between those two isn't quite right and the fact that both
> >   share information seems error prone.
> >   
> >   IMHO prefer_forkable_hardlinks should actually be the single marker
> >   for the per-installation state.  After startup of the first process it
> >   should be "unknown" (0) by default.  At startup it's set to one of
> > 
> >     "disabled"   (-1)	no NTFS or dir is missing
> >     "enabled"    (+1)	NTFS and dir exists
> > 
> >   That sets the state once and for all by the first Cygwin process in
> >   the system.
> The initial check now is moved to dll_list::forkable_ntnamesize(),
> which is called by dll_list::alloc().
> What about the renaming cygwin_shared->prefer_forkable_hardlinks
> to cygwin_shared->forkable_hardlink_support?

Good idea.

> The new dll_list::forkables_supported() replaces the "unknown","impossible",
> "disabled" values.  I've thought about inlining into dll_init.h, but that
> would require to include "shared_info.h": Is there a specific reason behind
> dll_init.h not having any #include right now?

History.  At one point there was a rule set to reduce include-creep in
header files and to move the includes to the .c and .cc files as much as
possible.  I think the driving factor at the time was compile time,
which is pretty moot these days.  I think it would not hurt to include
obvious local dependencies directly from the affected header, but you could
also just include shared_info.h prior ro dll_init.h in affected sources.
AFAICS, 3 of 5 already inlcude shared_inof.h anyway.

> >   Consequentially, forkables_needs should only reflect the per-process
> >   states
> > 
> >     "needless"
> >     "needed"
> >     "created"
> > 
> > - Shouldn't forkables_needs be renamed to forkables_needed?
> I've further simplified and replaced "enum forkables_needs" with
> "bool forkables_created", because the "needless" value now is
> implemented as "first fork tries without hardlinks". So as soon as
> request_forkables() is entered, hardlinks aren't "needless" any more.


> > That's all.  There are a few minor formatting issues, but they are
> > negligible.
> Do you prefer another patch series with this patch applied as fixups?

No, just send patches.  I think keeping the history of changes is helpful
in the long run.  I'm going to apply the attached patch as is, and you just
follow up with a char -> LONG patch, ok?


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