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Re: (fixup) [PATCH] forkables: use dynloaded dll's IndexNumber as dirname

Hi Michael,

I'm inclined to promote the "forkables" code to master.  I just have a
few points before we do that:

- Revert bumping of CYGWIN_VERSION_SHARED_DATA.  We only have to do that
  if the shared region changes in an incompatible way.  But this is just
  adding a member to the end.

- I'm looking a bit cross-eyed on the usage of forkables_needs and
  cygwin_shared->prefer_forkable_hardlinks.  It seems to me as if the
  split between those two isn't quite right and the fact that both
  share information seems error prone.
  IMHO prefer_forkable_hardlinks should actually be the single marker
  for the per-installation state.  After startup of the first process it
  should be "unknown" (0) by default.  At startup it's set to one of

    "disabled"   (-1)	no NTFS or dir is missing
    "enabled"    (+1)	NTFS and dir exists

  That sets the state once and for all by the first Cygwin process in
  the system.

  Consequentially, forkables_needs should only reflect the per-process


- Shouldn't forkables_needs be renamed to forkables_needed?

That's all.  There are a few minor formatting issues, but they are


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