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Re: console: new mouse modes, request/response attempt

On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 08:46:31PM +0200, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>This patch includes 2 things (to be fixed and separated anyway; change 
>log still missing) for discussion:
>* mouse modes 6 and 15 (numeric mouse coordinates)
>* semi-fix for missing terminal status responses
>The fix tries to detect the proper fhandler for CONIO, which is then 
>used to queue the response.
>Problem 1: I am not sure whether this detection is proper in all cases, 
>what e.g. if /dev/tty is reopened etc. I don't know where else a 
>relation between the handles for CONIN and CONOUT might be established.
>Problem 2: While the response reaches the application with this patch, 
>only the first byte is read right-away. Further bytes are delayed until 
>other input is becoming present (typing a key). This may (or may not) be 
>related to other issues with select(), so maybe it's worth analyzing it.

>diff -rup sav/fhandler.h ./fhandler.h
>--- sav/fhandler.h	2012-04-01 19:46:04.000000000 +0200
>+++ ./fhandler.h	2012-04-02 15:47:22.385727000 +0200
>@@ -1282,8 +1282,11 @@ class dev_console
>   bool insert_mode;
>   int use_mouse;
>+  bool ext_mouse_mode6;
>+  bool ext_mouse_mode15;
>   bool use_focus;
>   bool raw_win32_keyboard_mode;
>+  fhandler_console * fh_tty;
>   inline UINT get_console_cp ();
>   DWORD con_to_str (char *d, int dlen, WCHAR w);
>diff -rup sav/ ./
>--- sav/	2012-04-02 00:28:55.000000000 +0200
>+++ ./	2012-04-02 18:02:26.004016200 +0200
>@@ -139,6 +139,8 @@ fhandler_console::set_unit ()
>   if (shared_console_info)
>     {
>       fh_devices this_unit = dev ();
>+      if (this_unit == FH_TTY)
>+	dev_state.fh_tty = this;

You *definitely* just can't squirrel away a pointer to a random fhandler

Do we really care about console mode that much now that mintty is the


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