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Re: UTF-8 Cygwin

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Tue, Jun 27, 2006 at 02:46:56PM +0900, SUZUKI Hisao wrote:
# I should have posted this message to this list from the first.

I made a patch to cygwin1.dll to support UTF-8.

It allows you to use all of characters and file (or path) names
allowed in Windows, while keeping binary-compatibility with the
current Cygwin.  It is fairly perfect except for lack of locale
support etc.  So it may remind you of the good old BeOS.  See:

Yes, we heard.

The contribution guidelines are here:

We'd appreciate if you could give them a look and use them as the basis
for your contribution.  The first step is that you'll need to fill out
an assignment form.


Yes, I have filled out the assignment form and have sent it to Red Hat. I hope you can adopt and adapt the patch without any legal fears now ;-).


Based on Cygwin 1.5.20-1, I have updated the UTF-8 patch.

In fact, I have just "diff -c"'ed the old ones and have patch'ed the
results to cygwin-1.5.20-1-src, except for sys_wcstombs() in  Its definition differs from what is in cygwin-1.5.19-4.
I have just done a few lines of tweaks on it.

Though I have not looked into the details yet, it seems working fine.
Please try it:

-- SUZUKI Hisao

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