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[PATCH] Problem with filenames ending in "." with check_case:strict


I noticed that my Makefiles that tack on a "." to the filename to
differentiate no-ext targets from .exe targets stopped working with the
update from 1.5.12 to latest CVS (yes, I know, a little late).  I've
tracked it down to

Basically, the trailing spaces and dots used to be stripped always, and
now they're only stripped if raw WinNT names are used.  This breaks
symlink_info::case_check, since the name returned by FindFirstFile and the
name extracted from the path parameter are different (the path has
trailing dots and spaces).  Thus, "touch a." doesn't work anymore with

The attached (trivial, IMO) patch fixes this issue.
P.S. Corinna, Rose should have the corresponding FAX already.
2005-03-21  Igor Pechtchanski  <>

	* (symlink_info::case_check): Ignore trailing characters
	in paths when comparing case.

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