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Re: patch to allow touch to work on HPFS (and others, maybe??)

On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 10:10:29AM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Feb  7 14:37, Mark Paulus wrote:
> > So, what it really seems to boil down to is 
> > for those filesystems that support doing timestamp 
> > updating via FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES (NTFS systems)
> > we should use FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES, and for those that
> > don't (HPFS, etc), they should use GENERIC_WRITE?
> Yes.  I'm wondering though, if that's the filesystem or OS/2 which

Mark, are you also able to test with HPFS under WinNT?  (IIRC,
supported directly by NT 3.51 and by copying a 3.51 device driver
(pinball.sys?)  into NT4; google for more info.)
> > Unfortunately, during my brief perusal of MSDN, I didn't see
> > an easy way to determine the file system type.  
> Have a look into, fs_info::update ().  Test the filesystem
> name in fs_info::update and add a flag to fs_info which tells us that
> FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES is supported (which is valid for NTFS and FAT,
> btw.).

How should the flag default for things other than NTFS, HPFS, and FAT?

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