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Re: patch to allow touch to work on HPFS (and others, maybe??)

Well, all I can say, is "That's Uuuugggllleeeyyyyy".....

When I print fsname on the HPFS mounted volume, 
I get back '??SS'.  What the heck is that???  Somehow,
I'm guessing that's not something I want to be doing a 
string comparison on, for any kind of stability purpose.

Guess I'll live with not being able to 'touch' on mounted
HPFS volumes, and not do builds on that remote volume.

Sheesh, what a pain.  Thanks for the pointers, tho.

On Tue, 08 Feb 2005 10:10:29 +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>On Feb  7 14:37, Mark Paulus wrote:
>> So, what it really seems to boil down to is 
>> for those filesystems that support doing timestamp 
>> updating via FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES (NTFS systems)
>> we should use FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES, and for those that
>> don't (HPFS, etc), they should use GENERIC_WRITE?

>Yes.  I'm wondering though, if that's the filesystem or OS/2 which

>> Unfortunately, during my brief perusal of MSDN, I didn't see
>> an easy way to determine the file system type.  

>Have a look into, fs_info::update ().  Test the filesystem
>name in fs_info::update and add a flag to fs_info which tells us that
>FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES is supported (which is valid for NTFS and FAT,


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