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Re: [Patch] cygcheck: warn about empty path-components

Op Sat, 9 Oct 2004 19:18:13 -0400 schreef Christopher Faylor
in <>:
:  On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 12:41:20AM +0200, Bas van Gompel wrote:


I'll be staying with the trivial patches until further notice...

Are CA-issues also on-topic for the licensing-ml?

: > (Would not corrections be misplaced in cygcheck?
: > Is ensuring correct permissions not something better handled in setup?)
:   It should probably done in both places.  It's easy enough to screw up
:  permissions after setup.exe has been run and it seems like it is hard
:  for setup to set permissions correctly since it is not a cygwin program.

So cygcheck will have the same problem...

How about doing it from a (postinstall-)script?


:  Checked in.  Thanks for the patch and special thanks for keeping the
:  dialog going about your patch.  Your persistence is appreciated.

Thank /you/. I was afraid you'd think I was a PITA!


Buzz. :-)
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