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Re: [Patch] cygcheck: warn about empty path-components

Op Thu, 7 Oct 2004 20:17:55 -0400 schreef Christopher Faylor
in <>:
:  On Fri, Oct 08, 2004 at 01:42:05AM +0200, Bas van Gompel wrote:
: > : > :  Why are we bothering with this?
: > : >
: > : > If I may attempt to answer this one... Many people may not know of
: > : > this usage, yet may have their windows path ending on a ';'.
: > :
: > :   I'm sure the same thing is true on UNIX and yet it has survived for
: > :  years without a unicheck program informing people of this fact.
: >
: > There are no windows paths in UNIX, and there is no unicheck program
: > for any purpose. Does this mean cygcheck should be removed?
:   We're talking about paths, not "Windows paths".

We're talking about how paths are displayed by cygcheck.
It displays them using window's conventions.


:  Of course, if someone can use cygcheck to diagnose their own problems
:  then, that's great.  I don't see any reason to alarm someone with a
:  warning about a minor issue like an empty path component when it
:  is not an uncommon idiom, though.

I see what you mean. I got the idea for the patch when reviewing a
cygcheck.out which I first thought had 2 empty lines after the path.
Further examination revealed the first of these held a TAB.

I thought that was unclear. One might miss the fact there was an empty

: > What are you planning to do? Will you revert this patch, reject the
: > next patch and leave things as they are, or consider it when it's
: > submitted?
:   I'm leaning to reverting the patch unless you can point me to a
:  preponderance of email messages in the cygwin list which illustrate
:  that this has been a common problem crying out for a warning.  Maybe
:  I just missed something.

You know there is no such thing. Would you anyhow consider the
following patch, which just displays "." instead of the warning?

:  If you are interested in adding real improvements to cygcheck, I'd
:  suggest something to ensure that the permissions on system directories
:  and files are sane, and maybe even a method to correct problems in that
:  area.  That seems to be one of the biggest complaints in the mailing
:  list.

I'll see what I can do. I however doubt if this can be accomplished
with a trivial patch. (I do have some more trivia in store...)

(Would not corrections be misplaced in cygcheck?
Is ensuring correct permissions not something better handled in setup?)


2004-10-10  Bas van Gompel  <>

	* (dump_sysinfo): Don't warn about empty path-
	components, just display ``.''.

--- src/winsup/utils/	6 Oct 2004 09:46:40 -0000	1.45
+++ src/winsup/utils/	9 Oct 2004 07:39:01 -0000
@@ -958,9 +958,9 @@ dump_sysinfo ()
       for (e = s; *e && *e != sep; e++);
       if (e-s)
-        printf ("\t%.*s\n", e - s, s);
+	printf ("\t%.*s\n", e - s, s);
-        puts ("\tWarning: Empty path-component");
+	puts ("\t.");
       if (!*e)


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