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Re: Signal handling tune up.

On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 07:31:52PM -0400, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>> >Don't we have the same problem today?
>>>> >
>>>> >Handler is running with current mask M1, old mask M0
>>>> >New signal occurs, sigthread prepares sigsave with new mask M2, old
>mask M1
>>>> > but is preempted before setting sigsave.sig
>>>> >Handler terminates, restores M0
>>>> >sigthread resumes and starts new handler. It runs with M2 and restores
>>>> >M1 (instead of M0) at end.
>>>> Is this any different from UNIX?  Some races in signal handling are
>>>> inavoidable, IMO.  I guess you could make things slightly more
>>>> determinstic by setting a lock.  Probably UNIX has the luxury of being
>>>> able to tell the process handling a signal to stop working for a second
>>>> while it fiddles with masks.  We don't have any reliable way of doing
>>>> that.
>>>Here is a safe way.
>>>1) change sigsave to contain the incremental mask bits, set by sigthread
>>>   (instead of old mask and new mask) 
>> And while you are in the process of saving the incremental bits, they
>> are in the process of being changed == race.  I don't see why this adds
>> anything.  I'm also not sure that this is posix-sanctioned behavior.
>Here are the details.
>Currently the sigthread executes
>  sigsave.oldmask = myself->getsigmask ();
>  sigsave.newmask = sigsave.oldmask | siga.sa_mask | SIGTOMASK (sig);
>As you noted last night there is a race condition with the handler,
>which may terminate and change the sigmask, so that the new handler
>will run with and restore incorrect masks.
>What I was suggesting is to set (instead of .oldmask and .newmask)
>  sigsave.deltamask = siga.sa_mask | SIGTOMASK (sig);
>and to let the handler compute when it starts
>  newmask =  myself->getsigmask () | sigsave.deltamask;
>and then call set_process_mask (newmask)

>Alternatively it's not even necessary to define sigsave.deltamask,
>the handler can call directly  
>set_process_mask (myself->getsigmask () | siga.sa_mask | SIGTOMASK (sig));
>although that doesn't fit that well with the current asm implementation.

Ok.  That would work.  I thought you were saying that you could
calculate the delta between the process's signal mask and the new mask.

Older versions of the signal handler used to get stuff from myself
directly but, at some point, something changed in gcc and I could no
longer do this.

However, it has been bothering me for a long time that all of this
signal mask stuff is in the pinfo structure.  This is a holdover from
early cygwin that doesn't make any sense.  So, sometime soon, I'm
going to rip much of the signal handling out of pinfo and put it
into local arrays.


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