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Re: Signal handling tune up.

Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>> >Don't we have the same problem today?
>>> >
>>> >Handler is running with current mask M1, old mask M0
>>> >New signal occurs, sigthread prepares sigsave with new mask M2, old
mask M1
>>> > but is preempted before setting sigsave.sig
>>> >Handler terminates, restores M0
>>> >sigthread resumes and starts new handler. It runs with M2 and restores
>>> >M1 (instead of M0) at end.
>>> Is this any different from UNIX?  Some races in signal handling are
>>> inavoidable, IMO.  I guess you could make things slightly more
>>> determinstic by setting a lock.  Probably UNIX has the luxury of being
>>> able to tell the process handling a signal to stop working for a second
>>> while it fiddles with masks.  We don't have any reliable way of doing
>>> that.
>>Here is a safe way.
>>1) change sigsave to contain the incremental mask bits, set by sigthread
>>   (instead of old mask and new mask) 
> And while you are in the process of saving the incremental bits, they
> are in the process of being changed == race.  I don't see why this adds
> anything.  I'm also not sure that this is posix-sanctioned behavior.

Here are the details.

Currently the sigthread executes
  sigsave.oldmask = myself->getsigmask ();
  sigsave.newmask = sigsave.oldmask | siga.sa_mask | SIGTOMASK (sig);
As you noted last night there is a race condition with the handler,
which may terminate and change the sigmask, so that the new handler
will run with and restore incorrect masks.

What I was suggesting is to set (instead of .oldmask and .newmask)
  sigsave.deltamask = siga.sa_mask | SIGTOMASK (sig);
and to let the handler compute when it starts
  newmask =  myself->getsigmask () | sigsave.deltamask;
and then call set_process_mask (newmask)

Alternatively it's not even necessary to define sigsave.deltamask,
the handler can call directly  
set_process_mask (myself->getsigmask () | siga.sa_mask | SIGTOMASK (sig));
although that doesn't fit that well with the current asm implementation.
The overall behavior is as per posix.


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