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[PATCH] Add support for ioctl TIOCLINUX, function 6 (get key modifiers) on a TTY


I'm suggesting the following patch wich allows keyboard modifiers (CTRL,
SHIFT, ALT) to be retrieved by applications that might need them using an ioctl
command - MC is one of them. I don't really care if the name used will be
TIOCLINUX, I am open to suggestions what the proper name might for the ioctl
control code should be. In fact I have coded an alternative patch that uses
cygwin_internal () to retrieve the data but I dont feel too comfortable with it
since it seems too Cygwin specific - in any case I prefer the ioctl way of
doing things but as I said I have an alternative just in case. The attached
patch is pretty much non-intrusive, while the one employing cygwin_internal ()
adds a new member to the tty_min structure thus changing the shared memory
footprint and I consider it too intrusive.

Please, review and share your thoughts :)

2003-08-01  Pavel Tsekov  <>

	* fhandler_console.c (fhandler_console::read): Record the state of the
	ALT keys at the time of the last keyboard input event.
	(fhandler_console::ioctl): Handle requests to retrieve the keyboard
modifiers via the
	TIOCLINUX command.
	* fhandler_tty.c (fhandler_tty_slave::read): Ditto.
	* include/sys/termios.h (TIOCLINUX): New macro definition.

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