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Re: Problems on accessing Windows network resources

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 01:32:56PM -0400, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
> > After researching the issue, all cygwin routines I could find (not
> > only those ntsec related) initialize their handles to NULL, except
> > subauth() and create_token(). Those exceptions make sense because
> > those two must return INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE on error.
> >
> > The patch itself avoids initializing any handle (avoiding ambiguity),
> > except the usual automatic initialization to 0 of the cygheap stuff.
> >
> > Do you want my patch anyway (reverting what you have just applied),
> > or do we leave things as they are?
> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE is also used to initialize local variables.
> I'd like to keep that value if you don't mind.

Turns out you are doing just the opposite of what I would have done, 
but it's arbitrary anyway.

There is one slight problem, in seteuid32
/* Set process def dacl to allow access to impersonated token */ 
     if (cygheap->user.current_token != new_token) 
If the current_token is INVALID_.. (i.e. no impersonation), and there
is no change, new_token will be ptok (temporarily). Thus the test
will succeed when it should fail.

One way out is to:
- not initialize the local variable new_token
- set new_token to INVALID_.. if verifying ptok succeeds
- add a final else clause to the verify chain
       new_token = NULL;
- call create_token (and? subauth) if new_token == NULL

That also allows to remove the test in
cygheap->user.current_token = new_token == ptok ? INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE 
                                                     : new_token; 

Now that I have done it anyway, I will send you a cleaned up version
of verify_token (unrelated to token initialization).


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