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Re: Minor additions to winbase.h and ntdll.def

Hartmut Honisch wrote:
- Changed NMPWAIT_WAIT_FOREVER constant from (-1) to 0xffffffff (like in

I have a piece of own code that passes NMPWAIT_WAIT_FOREVER as a parameter
to CallNamedPipe. The compiler gave me a warning because the function
prototype expected a DWORD value which by definition cannot be negative. So
it's obviously a (minor) bug in cygwin's header files, which I thought the
cygwin folks might be interested in to fix.

They just happen to be used in Cygwin and just happen to be CVSed in the winsup/w32api directory, but the MinGW team maintain them.

Looking at Microsoft's header files and making changes to w32api is not

Technically, I didn't do it that way. I just mentioned that to avoid
discussions like that one, since cygwin's headers shouldn't differ from
Microsoft's headers regarding the value of numeric constants.

Such differences help provide defense to copyright enfringement claims.

You'll have to find the MSDN documentation and provide the

There are no references in MSDN that show the numeric value of that
constant - at least I can't find any. So I wonder how (-1) got there in the
first place.

Then, your patch can't be accepted. The foremost prerequisite for changes to the w32api is the documentation that warrants the change. Here is an example of a proper bug report.

Bugs item #653761, was opened at 2002-12-14 17:19
You can respond by visiting:

Category: w32api
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Dimitri Papadopoulos (dimitri_at)
Assigned to: Earnie Boyd (earnie)
Summary: missing CPLPAGE_*

Initial Comment:
Header cplext.h defines only:

The following are missing from w32api:


Dimitri could have supplied a patch but the information and documentation reference are still needed.


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