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Re: --enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc support in cygwin, take 3.

Charles Wilson wrote:

I've tested Egor's patch and it seems to work just fine, as demonstrated by the two test cases he posted last week, AND as demonstrated by the test case posted to the binutils list some months ago (it tested pseudo-reloc behavior in the child after a fork).

I've also tested Egor's runtime reloc support with Ralf's binutils "use the DLL as the import lib" and it ALSO works fine in all three cases.

I'm going to continue using ld.exe-ralf and cygwin1.dll-egor/libcygwin.a-egor for my day-to-day use, just to see if something wacky crops up...
On balance, I agree that #1 is the best option. Unless I run afoul of some unforseen wackiness in the next few days, recommend inclusion as is (in the most recent iteration, e.g. no changes)
So far, no problems. I'm gonna go on record in favor of this patch, in its 4th incarnation (

given that winsup/cygwin/lib/getopt.c(*) still retains its BSD licensing and comments, there's no reason to change the (non-)license/public domain attribution in egor's pseudo-relocs.c file. Egor's patch #4 should be able to be committed as-is.


(*) winsup/cygwin/lib/getopt.c still retains the original BSD-with-advert license which is explicitly incompatible with the GPL. And since it is the NetBSD variant, it doesn't fall under the "rescinded" announcement made by the Berkeley folks:

(the NetBSD folks are quite clear that they LIKE the advertisement clause in their license)

However, the FreeBSD folks DO abide by the "rescind clause 3" decision; perhaps we should replace our (modified) getopt.c with a similarly modified one from FreeBSD?

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