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Re: --enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc support in cygwin, take 3.


Monday, 02 December, 2002 Charles Wilson wrote:

CW> OTOH, if you, Egor Duda, do NOT assign ownership to Red Hat, but instead 
CW> release the code as public domain FIRST, then mingw is free to take it.

That's what i was meaning.

CW>   Also, Red Hat is free to take it as well -- but they do not have 
CW> "ownership" of the code; they simply are using it as they would any 
CW> other public domain code.  Which means Red Hat has the right to 
CW> re-release it under their proprietary cygwin license and under the GPL.

CW> But, I am not sure how your (Egor's) pre-existing "assignment form for 
CW> continuing contributions" affects this.  Does the assignment kick in 
CW> automatically, since this was developed against the cygwin source dist?

Yes, you're right there was such clause in copyright assignment.
That means that it's up to Redhat to place this code to public domain.
Anyway, if there's any problems with that, the code can be easily
implemented independently. It's not a rocket science, after all.

CW> So, IANAL, but it seems that "the right way" to do this is for you to 
CW> release the code as public domain, and then for someone else -- cgf? -- 
CW> to adapt it to the cygwin build system for "assimilation".

Egor.   ICQ 5165414 FidoNet 2:5020/496.19

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