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Re: PATCH: Implementation of functions in netdb.h

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 10:26:05AM +1300, Craig McGeachie wrote:
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>This is an implementation of [set|get|end][serv|proto]ent functions as
>defined in netdb.h.  It was written primarily so I could port the DHCP
>software from ISC to Cygwin.
>Firstly, this is a larger than trivial submission, I suppose I will 
>have fill in a standard assignment form.  However, I thought I post 
>this first to see if I'm on the right track.
>This has been coded against the 1.3.14-1 sources.  That's what was 
>available when I started, and I can't read the CVS repository directly.


>I have implemented all the functions in a new file called  I
>wasn't sure if I should add the new file, or add functions to
>I went for the new file, in the expectation that I would add
>get|set|end functions for the hosts and networks files and some stage
>in the future.

A new file is fine.

The ChangeLog is, not quite right.  Not a big deal, but all you need to
do for is add "New file."

I didn't look at the sources too closely because I would not want to
be encumbered if you do not fill out an assignment but I will note that
putting a "Cygwin internal" comment in front of static functions isn't
adding any useful information.

Otherwise, from a cursory glance, it looks fine.  You will definitely
need to send in an assignment.

>2002-11-19 Craig McGeachie <>
> * (open_system_file, get_entire_line, get_alias_list)
> (open_services_file, parse_services_line, free_servent)
> (cygwin_setservent, cygwin_getservent, cygwin_endservent)
> (open_protocol_file, parse_protocol_line, free_protoent)
> (cygwin_setprotoent, cygwin_getprotoent, cygwin_endprotoent):
> Create a new file implementing the service and protocol
> enumeration functions in netdb.h.
> * (DLL_OFILES): Add reference to the new
> file.
> * cygwin.din : Add new aliased exports for service and
> protocol enumerations in


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