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A user of Cygwin/Xfree86 reported that cygwin did not report an interface
for his wireless network adapter. It seems that the GetIfTable function
did not return all network adapters on his computer. As a workaround to
this problem i changed the code to use GetIfEntry for each configured

I also had to change the algorithm for finding all addresses configured
for one network adapter and changed the previous code which could only
enumerate 10 addresses per adapter to use sprintf and raised that limit too.

I also added code for getting the device metric for an interface. I'm 
not sure if this is correctly solved and I have no problems with removing 
this part again. 

2002-11-09  Alexander Gottwald <>

    * (get_2k_ifconf): Get the interface entries with the GetIfEntry 
    call intead of the GetIfTable call. Query the interface metric from the 
    IpForwardTable. Clean-up multiple IP address naming.
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