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Re: --enable-auto-import extension


/etc/hosts symlink

/proc patch

[ Re: [Mingw-users] Re: WINVER constant value [WAS: GetConsoleWindow]]

Re: [ tcsetattr timeout problem ?]

[GCC3.2]: Merge conflict in i386.c?

[ [PATCH] w32api commcrtl.h]

Re: [MinGW-patches] [PATCH] Windows Sockets Helper definitions

Re: [Mingw-users] Re: WINVER constant value [WAS: GetConsoleWindow]

Re: [PATCH suggestion], interrupt_setup ()

[PATCH] 2.try: Interruptable accept

[PATCH] Added Kazuhiro's new wchar functions to cygwin.din

[PATCH] added locks around mutex and cond initialization

[PATCH] check for valid pthread_self pointer

[PATCH] fhandler_tty doecho change


Re: [PATCH] Fixed cygwin_GUARD

[PATCH] Interlocked functions

[PATCH] interruptable accept

[PATCH] Modified pthread types

Re: [PATCH] Modified pthread types; From:

[PATCH] MTinterface patch part 1

[PATCH] MTinterface patch part 2

[PATCH] MTinterface patch part 3

[PATCH] MTinterface patch part 4

[PATCH] new mutex implementation

[PATCH] new mutex implementation 2. posting

[PATCH] pthread key destructor

[PATCH] pthread_fork

[PATCH] pthread_fork Part 1

[PATCH] pthread_fork Part 2

[PATCH] pthread_fork Part 3

[PATCH] pthread_fork part 4

[PATCH] pthread_key patch

[PATCH] Reset threadcount after fork

[PATCH] nonblocking pipe

[PATCH] updated mutex implementation

[PATCH] w32api (some general, some Watcom related)

[PATCH] was [BUG] open(): Opening with flags O_RDONLY | O_APPEND positions the file pointer at the end of the file

[PATCH] winsock related changes for w32api

[PATCH]: export getc_unlocked, getchar_unlocked, putc_unlocked, putchar_unlocked

Re: [PATCH]: export getc_unlocked, getchar_unlocked, putc_unlocked,putchar_unlocked

[Setup] [Patch] New Views for Skipped Packages and Installed Packages (keeps)

Re: [Setup] [Patch] New Views for Skipped Packages and InstalledPackages (keeps)

_WIN32_WINNT redux

`cygpath --version` missing a newline

Add/remove program options [Was Re: cygwin-ENV-Variable]

add_handle and malloc

Re: Any ideas with xterm/xfree problem?

Any test suite additions for all of the pthreads work?

Assignment received from Igor Pechtchanski

Assignment received from Jacek Trzcinski

Assignment received from Pavel Tsekov


Base readv/writev patch

Change mount usage, winsup/utils/

changes to /proc ctty and uid/gid handling

Cleaning up for NULL handles

Re: Corinna or Pierre please comment? [ Re: setuid

cygwin part of pseudo-relocs patch


cygwin_daemon merge

The Everyone group

fhandler::close patch

fhandler_socket & sigframe patch

fhandler_socket::accept() and FIONBIO

init_cheap and _csbrk


IsBad*Ptr patch

mark_closed messages

mingw - free_osfhnd

minor patch to printf

Modes of files with uid = gid

More changes about open on Win95 directories.

More Everyone

More more Everyone

Re: more robust tty_list::allocate_tty

New program: cygtweak

open () on Win95 directories

Patch for /proc/registry and other /proc stuff

patch for cygserver

patch for infinite loop in unlink()

patch so strace can be used with C code

patch to export fcloseall and fcloseall_r

Re: Patch to pass file descriptors

Patching calls.texinfo

Performance: fhandler_socket and ready_for_read()

print_version missing newlines (for Joshua?)

Re: printfs in cygserver?

Re: procps

proposed how-autoload-works.txt

Protect handle issue-ettes

Re: pthread_testcancel() causes SEGV

qt patch for winnt.h

Readv/writev patch

readv/writev patch for sockets

recv/send revert patch

recvfrom / sendto patch

regtool support for custom key separators

Serial patch - second attempt

serial patch - second attempt

Serial patch programming


Sorry about last broadcast

Re: src/winsup/cygwin ChangeLog cygwin.din

SUSv3 compliant prototypes for socket calls

time(time_t*) problem

timezonevar in time.h

RE: Unicode filename patch

UNIX domain socket patch

UTF8 patch

utils.sgml passwd and ps patches

utils.sgml patch

utils.sgml patch fixit

utils.sgml patch for cygcheck, cygpath

utils.sgml patch for dumper getfacl kill

utils.sgml patch for mkgroup, mkpasswd, mount

very small passwd patch

w32api release in works

Website Patch for "lists.html"


Re: Windows username in get_group_sidlist

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