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Re: procps

On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 11:32:43AM +0100, Christopher January wrote:
> The flaw is actually in the /proc fhandler. The /proc implementation should be 
> compatible with the Linux one and hence Linux /proc-based utilities (e.g. 
> procps). The problem is that procps reports the effective user ID in the user 
> ID column and the /proc fhandler currently reports the effective user ID as 
> the user ID of the calling process (this is probably incorrect).
> The procps utilities have only been modified to compile on Cygwin. They 
> haven't been changed in any other way. Therefore if they report the wrong 
> values it is the /proc fhandler that is at fault, not the procps package, 
> because the /proc fhandler should behave just like the Linux /proc filesystem 
> that the procps utilities were written for.
> Hope that makes sense!

I don't understand that description.  You saw my example.  cygrunsrv
runs under SYSTEM account, uid 18.  /proc/PID/uid reports 18, so why
does procps, which should obviously get it's values from the /proc
interface, doesn't report 18/SYSTEM as uid?


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