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Re: Unicode filename patch

On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 02:09:52PM +0100, you [Chris January] wrote:            
> > Hi,                                                                         
> >                                                                             
> > I haven't been able to follow cygwin ml for a while (too busy at            
> > work ;( ),                                                                  
> > but did Christopher Faylor ever consider merging the unicode                
> > filename patch                                                              
> > you created? I followed CVS for a while, but it didn't appear there (I      
> > haven't checked lately, though.)                                            
> Ask on cygwin-patches what Chris wants to do with it. It's best discussed     
> there.                                                                        
> BTW, the patch is not complete; certain functions don't work. It's main       
> purpose was to allow reading and writing files with Unicode filenames -       
> something that wasn't possible at all before.                                 
> Saying that, it did work quite well with UTF8 aware shell tools and a UTF8    
> terminal.                                                                     
cgf, to give you some context (I hope you read this :) : I originally begged    
for unicode filename support a couple of months ago. Chris January very         
kindly went ahead and implemented a patch that enabled accessing unicode        
filenames through their utf8 name.                                              
See the discussion in thread starting at                                                     
The executive summary is that when one has unicode filenames (russian,          
chinese, whatever) it is currently not possible to access them _at_all_ with    
cygwin. Chris's patch makes it possible to do so.                               
But Chris (and I) haven't heard any comment from you or Corinna whether this    
is worthwhile...                                                                
-- v --                                                                         

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