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Re: [Setup] [Patch] New Views for Skipped Packages and Installed Packages (keeps)

Robert Collins wrote:
> if you look in CVS/Entries, the last field is the tag.
> / Jul 15 11:33:48 2002//
> setup-200207:
> / Jul  5 02:01:10 2002//Tsetup-200207

I must have mucked up a merge when I updated from CVS while I was making these 
changes because all my tags showed // which would mean they were from HEAD - 
correct?  I updated again and specified -r HEAD and now they all show /THEAD so 
I must have it now.

> To get a list of the available tags, you can look in val-tags in CVSROOT.
> (You may need to check CVSROOT out first). Or you can go to the cvsweb site
> referenced from and click
> on the dropdown list of tags.

I obviously don't understand something here.  I found what I needed on the Web 
page (the list of tags) but as far as CVSROOT goes:  I looked at it on the web 
and even checked it out but never saw a file called val-tags or anything other 
file that listed the tags.  At any rate the drop down list works.


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