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Re: big kill patch (adds list/help/version)

--- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> No lectures, please.  If you want to get rid of a goto, fine. 
'twas a joke. Sorry. 

> I'm sorry but 'kill -l' has an established way of working.  
> How does the linux kill program handle this?
RedHat's prints a list like
 1) SIGHUP       2) SIGINT       3) SIGQUIT      4) SIGILL
 5) SIGTRAP      6) SIGABRT      7) SIGBUS       8) SIGFPE
Looks hard-coded to me, but I didn't look at the sources. I'll hard-code 
the list in the print_list () function.

> If you think that the functions just *have* to be moved before main(), then 
> submit a patch for that.
OK. I was just trying to have the sources be consistant, but main followed by
functions is fine.

> I would prefer that getopt still be used for this functionality.  It should
> still be possible to parse signals by detecting illegal options and seeing
> if they happen to be signal numbers.
I really don't think it's possible since getopt does the illegal-option
parsing. I'm not a getopt expert, but GNU getopt
won't recognize anything that's not in the "ab:cdef". I think the only way
would be to put all possible signals in the long_options struct like:
  { "HUP", no_argument, NULL, SIGHUP},
in which case I *think* the numbers would be recognized, but stuff like -HUP
would have to be --HUP. The problem is that getopt will only parse the first
character after a single dash (and then, if it's another dash, proceed).

Well, I have no political views about goto so I'll probably leave it for
simplicity in a new patch. I'll probably leave out the -l option, too, and 
just stick with adding -h and -v.

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