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Re: help/version patches

> Adding version numbers is not a bad idea (although, I can't honestly
> think of a time when it would have helped to have this information).
> Adding version numbers in the middle of the program, in the middle of a
> text string is, IMO, a bad idea.  The version number should be at
> the top of the program in a
> const char version[] = "something";
> and referenced in the version string.
> As Robert indicated, using the CVS version number is probably the best
> way to handle this.  setup.exe currently uses the CVS version.  Use that
> as an example.

I was trying to avoid doing what setup.exe does. In the there
is a grep/sed combo that grabs the version from the Changelog and creates
a file to include. This is fine for a lot of files that compile into one
(setup.exe) but is it really necessary for 13 utils, most of which take 
only one file of code? What about a sed script that takes that CVS/Entries
file and creates something like versions.c with:

const char cygcheck_version[]= "1.23";
const char cygpath_version[]= "4.56";

which could then be #include'd in each file? Then at least no one would have
to edit the version code; it would just make. (BTW, I used as a 
reference point for the version code; it is currently in a hard-coded printf.)

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