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Re: New file for winsup/utils

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 02:03:24PM -0800, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
>OK, here is a new util:
>Usage mkshortcut.exe [OPTION]... TARGET 
>NOTE: All filename arguments must be in unix (POSIX) format
>  -a|--arguments=ARGS   use arguments ARGS 
>  -h|--help             output usage information and exit
>  -i|--icon             icon file for link to use
>  -j|--iconoffset       offset of icon in icon file (default is 0)
>  -n|--name             name for link (defaults to TARGET)
>  -v|--version          output version information and exit
>  -A|--allusers         use 'All Users' instead of current user for -D,-P
>  -D|--desktop          create link relative to 'Desktop' directory
>  -P|--smprograms       create link relative to Start Menu 'Programs' directory

Now that cygutils is part of the distribution, I think this belongs there, if
Chuck is amenable.

With the exception of regtool, all of the programs in winsup/utils are pretty
cygwin-specific.  While this looks like a very nice tool, I think it belongs


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