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Re: include/sys/strace.h

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 09:43:04AM -0800, Matt wrote:
>On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> On Sun, Jan 27, 2002 at 11:03:12PM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>> >Chris, I'd actually kinda like to see this included, I can see it being
>> >handy from time to time.
>> I don't agree.  It seems to me that this is easy enough to do with gdb.
>> I don't see any reason for it.
>The use case I see is when gdb hangs/crashes or the entire cygwin DLL
>hangs/crashes. In those instances, having a non-cygwin program that can
>monitor debug output would be highly useful.

Ok.  I'll add this.

However, your example doesn't make any sense to me.  I use the techniques
in how-to-debug-cygwin.txt and I've never had any problems.  There should
never issue of a hanging cygwin if you use these techniques.

If I think that a patch is just due to someone not understanding how to
use existing tools, which could arguably be the case here, then I will
resist adding it to the sources.

However, if a few people find this useful, I'll add it.  Just to be
clear, though, I don't want to see the macro in any checked in code.


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