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[PATCH]Package extention recognition

I noticed that find_tar_ext() always returns after checking for ".tar.bz2"
and ".tar.gz" so it never gets to the check for ".tar".  As long as I was
fixing that, it seemed like a good time to add ".cwp" as an accepted file

I also updated the code in so it can accept any extension found
by find_tar_ext() if it is ever reactivated.  I think it might be better if
no msg() call is made if no "-src" file is found and I also think the fall
back to "-src.tar.bz2" or "-src.tar.gz" could be dispensed with.  I left
those in for now in case someone really wanted them.

The code compiles successfully into setup.exe 2.184.  I successfully
downloaded and installed 3 packages with the new setup.exe.
Mac :})
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2002-01-24  Michael A Chase <>

    * (find_tar_ext): Recognize file extensions .tar and .cwd
    addition to .tar.gz and .tar.bz2.
    * (do_fromcwd): Try same extension as binary archive for -src
    archive before falling back to .tar.bz2 or .tar.gz.
    * (install_one_source): Add space between words in log()

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