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sched_* functions

Don't fall out of your chair chris, here's a second contribution...
again, probably not perfect right out of the gate, but it works quite


18 Mar 2001 Robert Collins <>
    *  cygwin/ new file, exported wrappers for __sched*
    * cygwin/ new file, implements __sched*
    * cygwin/schedule.h: new file, prototypes for __sched*
    * cygwin/include/sched.h: , new file, user land includes for sched*
    * cygwin/ added sched.o and schedule.o
    * cygwin/cygwin.din: added exports for sched*
    * cygwin/ export the inital windows thread id.
    * cygwin/ record the inital thread id for created process's.
    * cygwin/ record the inital thread id for the first cygwin
    * cygwin/pinfo.h: allocate space to store the main thread Id for
    * cygwin/include/sys/cygwin.h: allocate space for exporting the main
thread id for process's.
    * w32api/include/winbase.h: Added prototype for OpenThread.
    * w32api/lib/kernel32.def: Added export for OpenThread.

I've attached the new files
    *  cygwin/ (note the CC)
    * cygwin/
    * cygwin/schedule.h
    * cygwin/include/sched.h

rather than diffs, cause cvs -z3 diff -upN refused to create diffs. I
hope that's not a problem.
Also attached is my basic testrig (sched.c (single c) ).






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