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ispell package

Inspired by the recent call for contributors
(, I
contacted Pierre A. Humblet, who maintains a Cygwin binary of ispell:

He kindly gave me the go-ahead to contribute an "official" ispell
package, but expressed the following:

> The things that have kept me back from offering it are: 
> a) the Franken site is already well known and the ispell site points
>   to it, so users should have no problem finding it.
> b) Cygnus does not have a good mechanism to specify optional
>   packages and I already feel burdened having to upload
>   optional packages I could do without (turning them off
>   each time I upload is a pain). Thus I don't want
>   to impose ispell on others.
> c) What dictionaries to include ? (with impact on b))

Given that Cygwin is fairly English-centric at the moment, I plan on
packaging only the American and British dictionaries.  I wonder what
will happen when someone offers a German or Spanish or ... package?

In the meantime, I am starting on the instructions for building a
cygwin package
(  Is the /usr
versus /usr/local a hard and fast rule?


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